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AIU Participation on the 2013 USDLA Conference - May-12-2013
Recently, AIU had the opportunity to participate in the USDLA 2013 National Conference with the following motto: “Distance Learning, a New Era of Openness”

We are very happy to share with you some great news.

Recently, AIU had the opportunity to participate in the USDLA 2013 National Conference with the following motto: “Distance Learning, a New Era of Openness” which took place in St. Louis, Missouri.

As you may know AIU, is a member of the USDLA which is a government association. USDLA is a think tank in this area with the mission to serve the distance learning community by providing advocacy, information, networking, and opportunity.

As soon as we were informed about this crucial event, AIU set the goal to actively get involved in it. As a result, we sent in the application and a presentation proposal, which were approved. Dr. Franklin Valcin, AIU’s Academic Dean, was the speaker designated for that important occasion.

His presentation had the following title: “Practical Online Delivery in Portable Containers Out of the Box.” The session was intended to demonstrate how distance education can be delivered not through traditional synchronous and asynchronous methods, but in a way that the actual delivery process is totally differentiated. This entails educational activities that cater to different learning styles and are available whenever and wherever students are.

Dr. Valcin’s presentation was a great success and was very well received by the attendees at the Conference.

Along with Atlantic International University, several well-known universities were present at the 2013 USDLA Conference and included: State University of New York, Arkansas Tech University, Colorado State University, Indiana State University, Penn State University, Alabama State University, University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Central Florida, Nova Southeastern University, Clemson University, University of Texas in San Antonio, Southern Illinois University, among many others.

We feel very proud to have been able to participate in such an important event and share with the world the cutting-edge and high quality programs AIU makes available for the world.

At AIU, we expect to continue to grow and have a prominent place in the academic world for the benefit of our students.

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