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Geoffrey Henock Mbuzi, Master of Business Administration - August-29-2017
Little did I know about the timeliness and motivating response from At

In one of my weekend free time I was reading one of our local daily newspapers and came across the advert of AIU to which I jokingly responded with very little hope of getting what I had thought of in my lifetime the MASTERS DEGREE.

Little did I know about the timeliness and motivating response from Atlantic International University.  In two days’ time there came a response from academic department motivating me to pursue my master’s program. This was followed by a phone call encouraging me not to waste my valuable time to shape my future. That was the beginning of my career to upgrade myself to be one of the reputable and influential leaders in my community and society at large.

It was amazing to note that when I thought all is lost due to some unforeseen circumstances such as the flush floods and later the death of my dear wife during my study period, which apparently had seriously affected me and almost made me to give up my interest to do masters. Instead this was time to be consoled by my personal Tutor when he and his colleagues gave me the necessary support allowing me to overcome the challenges and go on with my studies. 

It is this spirit of understanding and willingness to help in times of challenges that has made me to reach this far and claim my graduation at master’s level.  Where there is a will, there is always a way. I now look forward to contributing towards district and national development of my beloved country MALAWI the warm heart of Africa.


Geoffrey Henock Mbuzi

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