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Prakash Chandra Ghimire, Doctor of Renewable and Sustainable Energy - August-18-2017
AIU provided me with a personalized learning opportunity

Letter of Experience with AIU

Prakash C Ghimire

AIU provided me with a personalized learning opportunity that aligned with the idea that education systems must move away from ‘one-size-fits-all’ model to ‘tailor-made model’ for specific case. There was a complete reversing of the logic of education systems as it was built around me, the learner, rather than me being required to fit with the system. The learning system at AIU embraced diversity and forged new partnerships - all fueled by disciplined innovation and new technologies. I am happy that the learning system focused on my potential and the importance of effective teaching in realizing that potential. It would have been difficult for me to learn effectively as a spectators, as passive recipient of pre-packaged, bite-sized pieces of knowledge delivered to me by experts. The approach of learning at AIU called for my active engagement in the whole process and the more I learnt, the more I was capable of learning. It helped me to understand my own potential and capabilities and become confident, competent and independent thinker and learner. As the system was built on the skills, attitudes and values, knowledge and understanding that I have acquired and developed, it provided me the learning opportunities and experiences which reflected my increased independence and physical and social awareness; and supported to work towards reaching my full potential in all aspects of my education and make the most of my abilities. I am grateful that the learning approach was adapted to my previous education and experiences, while ensuring that I acquire the knowledge and ability necessary to work with all kinds of methodologies.

I have been educated for diversity - in both the people sense and the knowledge/ideas sense. I will now be able to work in the changing global environment that requires me to engage - and be able to work - with people from different cultural, religious and/or linguistic backgrounds or world views that are very different from my own. Learning at AIU has helped me in the development of skills, the promotion of positive attitudes and values, and the acquisition of knowledge and understanding. The acquired qualifications will definitely support me to increase my skills and knowledge to improve my personal and social development and emotional health and wellbeing. I feel that I have now become a confident individual who can effectively and successfully live in a fast changing society and fulfil my ambitions. I am now able to understand, through a structured program, the issues and problems that I and the society in general might face and make considered choices when faced with problems and dilemmas, thus developing my self-confidence and enabling me to grow into responsible citizen.

I am happy that the learning process facilitated my personal development which involved the active construction of new knowledge. This has resulted positively in my thinking and making choices, finding out different routes of producing a change in scientific ideas and planning investigations independently. From my experience, practical lessons were always fun and exciting as it enabled me to understand science in full independent perspective and explore new ideas. Practical experiences and discussions during the course of learning were creative approaches and encouraged me to think scientifically; therefore I was able to use ideas from across the curriculum to help me express my thought processes and understanding.

The learning has helped me in the development of non-cognitive skills that will certainly play an important role in my career success. The linkages of academic core curriculum with the world of work will help me to promote my university-to-career transitions. It will help me develop skills, habits, and attitudes conducive to career success and personal growth and assist me in career exploration and forging rewarding relationships with employers, partners, clients and stakeholder. It will also provide me a career guidance and help to ascertain my interest and aptitude for specific careers through opportunities to observe and sample a variety of conditions of work.

I am glad to be a part of AIU family. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, my course Advisor Dr Jack Rosenzweig, for his unfailing expert advices, timely feedback on my assignments and continued support throughout the course period. I used to believe that there is disconnect between a student and a course advisor/professor. However, he has done a fantastic job of being an amazing, effective, yet different course advisor. He has been a defining character in my intellectual development. My sincere thanks are also due to my Tutor, Irina Ivashuk; Admission Counselor, Sandra Garcia; and all other in AIU who directly or indirectly supported my learning at AIU. I am grateful to AIU for the opportunity that I received to fulfil my childhood dream of pursuing a doctoral degree.

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