Testimonials at AIU for Friday, January 19, 2018


Assagbavi Kossivi, Doctor of Public Health - July-5-2017
I think that my yesterday dreams become realities today.

I think that my yesterday dreams become realities today. The study through AIU courses had transformed my personality, my lifestyle and the interpersonal relationship with my colleagues. The first day I started study I had a doubt to arrive at the end with success, but through letters and advices from advisors, tutors and administrative team for AIU, I was encouraged every day. So small I started, with some help and the blessing of God, I finish this program as well as needed. It’s no way to clean in my mind everything I had learnt at AIU virtual campus. I kept all the courses that I studied at AIU in my computer allow me teaching others in my country. I ‘m sure that at AIU, I obtained quality learning and skills to help and transform my community. I had studied in public health before but I found that AIU courses are the best. Honor to AIU and collaborators! The success at AIU virtual campus is obtained through three elements together: Courage, Self-determination, reading courses carefully / paying attention to the content. It is necessary to be mature, self-disciplined, dedicated and ready to persevere in the andragogy system. The self-assessment checklist, student’s handbook, virtual library, curriculum development, academic advisors and tutors from AIU, are the unique success’s way, for students to take already advantage of distance learning.

AIU’s method of teaching confers all responsibilities to the student: I was independent to learn and I developed my skills for research in books, journal, WebPages and virtual libraries. I was responsible for scheduling studies times, and prolong / modify it as I want. I was able to study at my home and my workplace allows tailoring my curriculum. I appreciate the opportunity which AIU gave me with the patience that the Academic Advisors had, and the assistance which the tutors gave during the whole process. Their support was instrumental in mentoring, encouraging and helping to develop my one potential and achieve the whole program as well as my expectation. Congratulation to All AIU’s team!

At the Atlantic International University I learnt to be more flexible, tolerant and patient in all procedures and processes. The whole program is wonderful and beneficial. I hope I can continue for doctorate / PhD program, in public health / health care administration to help vulnerable in my country. I hope one day I shall work as a member of AIU staff.

In fact, it’s a lack of words to express my gratitude to all AIU’s team (Tutors, Advisors, administrative and financial personal and others). They are very cooperative, understanding, and considerate. I really appreciate their quick responses either through e-mail when I encountered a problem. I recommend AIU to everybody who looks for formal degree online studies. Your academic progress is guaranteed to meet your goal through honest learning and reading.

Finally I extend my gratitude to the entire university staff "AIU". May God protect you and blesses you. I hope that God will reimburse your "humanitarian donations" hundredfold. Please receive my respectful fraternal greetings.


ASSAGBAVI  Kossivi     “Isaac   Le vrai ”

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