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Bernard Engoku, Bachelor of Public Administration - June-27-2017
There is so much to include in my experience at AIU but I will only el

My name is Engoku Bernard Nicholas a student in the school of Business and Economics pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Management.

There is so much to include in my experience at AIU but I will only elaborate some few and very important experiences that I observed from AIU.

a).Admission and Welcome note: AIU has a unique and professional staff in admission department who are really friendly and utilizes their professional skills while attending to students questions. In my case I was attended to by Mr. Juan Mejia who spoke to me on my first day when I contacted the University. He professionally explained to me in a short period of time the brief background of AIU and how students in a third world country like me have benefited from AIU. The impression that he gave me about the University made me took a quick decision and joined the University the following day.

b).Scholarship/payment plans: Iam very grateful to AIU for having awarded me a scholarship. Without this achievement, I wouldn’t manage to pay all the school dues.Iam also grateful for the flexibility in the tuition payment plans which enabled me to freely handle my school dues as well as meeting the basic family needs being a father of three school going pupils.

c).Resources: I was very impressed when I visited the student resources. All the information I needed for my studies was readily available at the student’s resources which made my work very easy and saved me time and money which I could have used to go to outside library looking for text books.

d) Communication: One thing I loved from AIU was the communication lines between students, Advisors and academic department. Every time I send communication to AIU, I receive the response immediately and all the work is written in a very understanding manner.

e).Advisors: I appreciate very much the professional skills of my Advisor Dr.Jack Rosenzweig.Indeed his guidance and advice made me the kind of person Iam today. I will appropriately utilize the skills that I acquired from AIU to benefit my country and the Organization that I work for.

f).Interaction with other students: AIU made it very easy and possible to interact with students from different backgrounds. This enabled me to create friendships and gained self-confident in my communication skills and also learnt different cultures and attributes.

g).Curriculum design: AIU gave us the opportunity to design our curriculum. This enabled me as a student to work on the projects that directly benefit me and my career development.

Through this achievement, Iam therefore confident of competing in the job market and will always execute the skills attained from AIU.

Long live AIU and may GOD bless the work of your hands.

- Engoku Bernard Nicholas

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