Testimonials at AIU for Monday, May 21, 2018


Seth Barnabas Amarteifio, Doctor of Project Management - June-20-2017
One unique thing about AIU is the fact that the learning is virtual an


One unique thing about AIU is the fact that the learning is virtual and online so this helped me due to my busy schedule at work. The learning is self-paced, with curriculum tailored specific to each student need.  The institution provides a perfect opportunity for persons all over the world to realize their dream and obtain a decent education in an excellent environment. AIU has a deep commitment to meet the needs of anyone with interest in enhancing his or her education. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the university board for the financial support and care that was accorded to me and the flexible payment arrangement throughout my program.


This University has a good value prospect for career development in all areas of educational interest. The programs are designed to encourage students to demonstrate competency through independent learning, reading and research in their field of study. This provides students with the potential to manage their personal, global cultural development through their studies.


I have greatly benefited from the study and my time at the University with incredible tutors that offer unconditional support throughout my study. Today, I can say with certainty that AIU has enabled me to fulfil my dream as a proud holder of a Doctorate degree. This could not have been possible without the support of my Admission Counselor Cherryl Cunanan, Academic Tutor Arturo Gonzalez Vejar, the various Advisors Nadia Raich, Rina Lehnhoff and my Student Service Coordinator Linda Collazo for their immense contributions towards my studies and all others who were working behind the scene. My thanks should also go to all lecturers who in one way or another imparted my work in a professional way.


My special appreciation goes to my academic Tutor, Dr. Edward Lambert, for his invaluable contributions and tireless efforts in providing continuous support, guidance, coaching, quick feedback on all assignments, and his congratulatory remarks that boosted my morale in completing my studies, despite his busy schedule. My academic tutor and advisor were also available to give all the necessary guidance in any area of my studies. Concerns that were mailed to my tutor and advisor were promptly addressed without delay.


Barnabas Seth Amarteifio

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