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Janette Silva, Doctor of Education - June-5-2017
I have always been fascinated by online learning


I have always been fascinated by online learning so when I first encountered AIU through Google search, I did not think twice in applying. I wanted to maximize my learning experience in an institution that genuinely believes that learning cannot be boxed.


Being able to define my course goals is one of the many highlights of my AIU experience. I was able to pursue a research project that I truly am passionate about. The journey I had is both unforgettable and worthwhile. My learning extended beyond the walls of the student portal as I got the chance to immerse myself to the communities that shaped my research. AIU guided me all throughout but it never dictated what I had to do. That kind of trust is what learners need if they want to be rooted to the core values of learning. I cannot thank AIU enough for that trust.


One thing I am also thankful to AIU is the support system that knows no boundaries. The tutors, my academic adviser, and the Student Services had been very supportive. Emails were answered within 24 hours after they were sent. My academic counselor had also been very helpful. He would even call when I had questions that needed urgent answers. I feel that I matter and that motivated me into doing my best to finish my degree.


To AIU, thank you very much and may you help more learners achieve their goals. May you continue to be part of an academic revolution that empowers learners with visions of changing the world one community at a time.


My sincerest gratitude to you,



Doctor of Philosophy in Adult Education (Educational Technology)

School of Social and Human Studies

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