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Sampson Kordjo Tagbor, Bachelor of Human Resources Management - May-31-2017
I had tremendous and an interesting experience with Atlantic Internati

I had tremendous and an interesting experience with Atlantic International University. My desire was to reach poor and vulnerable communities in the West African Sub region equipping them with the necessary skills I have acquired to help them develop mentally, physically, socially, financially, and skillfully, so that the poor can also have integrity within society. This is the greatest contributing factor that made me chose Human Resource Management as the course to pursue.

I enrolled into the AIU andragogy system of education that placed major role in shaping my life even as an Office Administrator of Hope Alive Initiatives.

Upon reading the report World Watch Institute: State of the World 2010-transforming cultures from Consumerism to Sustainability, Gary Gardner and others, was one of the greatest eye-opening report I have ever read and decided to write a paper on that.

Notwithstanding, Mohammed Yunus’ book on How to build a social business, also gave me the urge to start a social business myself. Now I am a CEO for Greater Love Preparatory School a growing school which started in September 2014 few months when I enrolled into the AIU program.

I had the opportunity to study also on employee relations, Motivation, Recruitment and Selection, Employee appraisal and my other human Resource relegated courses at

AIU and my thesis on firm foundation for farming using biotechnology.

Like I stated in my paper on Fundamental Principle I (Philosophy of education) “I know there are problems with the way we view education, we all know that there are problems with the education system. I am not trying to address all those issues here. I am merely trying to suggest a different approach to education in the school system. What I am suggesting is simply offering creative ways for youth to explore valid talents that can be applied in the real world.” That is exactly what Atlantic International University is offering, the Andragogy system of education.

"Philosophy comes from the Greek word, “philosophia” which means the love of wisdom. All individuals have a philosophy in life, whether they know it or not."  Jessica Carter. I there urge all to look up to Atlantic International University for a better experienced educational system that compelled you to be as practical enough.


Sincerely, Sampson Kordjo Tagbor

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