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Sibida George, Doctor of Healthcare Administration - February-14-2017
My experience with the AIU online education has been very unique as this was my first opportunity of following an academic program online.



My experience with the AIU online education has been very unique as this was my first opportunity of following an academic program online. Moreover the uniqueness of the course was the fact that I led the development of my course curriculum that was specifically designed to meet my needs in acquiring the knowledge and skills that I lacked and was required for the Doctorate in Healthcare Administration. In addition it gives me the act of ownership and my active participation in the entire process.

Initially, I had the fear that it will not be very interactive as compared to taught courses. However there is no significant difference as I had access to all resources required for the course and interacted with AIU Faculty and staff on a regular basis. The course Tutor and Advisor were very responsive to my academic needs. The rate at which they gave feedback on assignment was amazing. I looked forward to my grades with excitement as I knew whenever I opened my student page I will get feedback on the previous assignment sent. The prompt responsiveness of my tutor and advisor gave me the impetus to systematically progress with the course. One major instance was the provision of video recordings when I had internet challenges for over two weeks and was unable to access the online library.

The overarching uniqueness of the course was that the tuition fee was relatively affordable and the payment plan was well organized in a way that I can meet other family commitments at the same time support the cost of achieving my academic goal. I was very thrilled that AIU supported by course fees with a partial scholarship, which also motivated me to stay committed in sending my monthly tuition fees.

Overall, I enjoyed following the program and I learnt a lot. I would not hesitate recommending AIU to people in this part on the Globe


Sibida George

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