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Tobias Njobvu, Bachelor in Electrical Engineering - January-31-2017
The time I have spent with AIU has been quite enjoying and enlightening

The time I have spent with AIU has been quite enjoying and enlightening. I had always wanted to pursue a bachelors’ degree in electrical engineering, but the challenge has always been time. Being a full time employee and a father of three, I had no time to enroll into the conventional university to achieve this aim. Because it meant resigning from full time employment and take up full time learning, fortunately an opportunity came when I was browsing on the net and came across AIU. Eventually they agreed that I can achieve my dreams if I enrol with them. When I first read about AIU, I was not sure and wondered if after enrolling I would be allowed to work at my own pace. What impressed me most about the program initially was the option of working on assignments offline and uploading it when ready.

 AIU’s tuition is affordable and the payment plan is also flexible for me to pursue my academic goals. I would to thank the university for the scholarship that I was given for me to manage my studies, My relationship with the staff, faculty and academic advisor was very great, all my enquiries and the help that I needed were addressed promptly. The studies were especially interesting for me as I had the chance to develop my own curriculum. Finally, my AIU experience has been very great and I would recommend this institution to anyone interested in pursuing his/her academic goals whilst in full time employment and taking care of the family. Indeed AIU is a University anyone who has passed through it should be proud of.


Tobias Njobvu,

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