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Lulendo Santos, Master of Finance - January-2-2017
I was look for a University that could meet my own goals and AIU was that one.

Experience at AIU


I could divide my experience at AIU in three big areas as follow:


Academic: I heard AIU from a friend of mine, speaking about his degree, the university capability, commitment etc. that impressed me even thought I was not comfortable enough to start my online degree. Then I decided to contact and search more info about the AIU its methodology and philosophy as well as the accreditation.

After times of contact then I decided to enrol for Master of Finance. at the beginning, it was a little bit strange and tough to adapt the online studying and methodology as I was more familiar with camp study, the traditional one, but I found a big surprize that is the way AIU is organized and full covered of academic material (a big library) to support all student. That’s was amazing cause I found all I needed to get my dreams become true in a settled time - “Finance degree”.

The way that the program is designed gave me opportunity to develop not only my academic skills in research and study alone as well as empower the professional acknowledge in field of science.


Interactions: the library with more than 10 thousand books, is open 24/7 all days, with several different types of learning areas, group study, group study rooms that you can join other colleagues is so useful. I have used some of these areas for different types of work and they have been helpful for me.

Beside that the constant remind and communication via emails and telephone help the student keep focused in and get the right support on time when needed. Even though the last (conference calls) was so often that I thought I guess it because of cost of expense incurred in a call but we need to improve in this item perhaps schedule a regular calls or conference by week or twice a month so that student can feel that AIU still interest in help us achieve our academic commitment.


Social and Personal life change: it is not only a case of an academic upgrade but it’s goes far away from what I expected. It is really a life change as feel more confident and realized person now excite to get the diploma and make a personal goal achieved successfully.

I’m aware that it can bring a better opportunity as professional but the most important is the chance to grow as a person. I was look for a University that could meet my own goals and AIU was that one.

THANKS AIU for make it happen. 




Lulendo dos Santos

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