School of Science & Engineering

Science has yet to discover the precise mechanism by which the individual learns.

The School of Science and Engineering seeks to provide dynamic, integrated, and challenging academic programs. Degree programs are designed for those students preparing themselves for responsible roles in their chosen professions whose experience is in industrial research, scientific production, engineering and the general sciences. Recognizing that society looks to our department for creative research and education of a higher order than ever, and demands that we meet its expectations, we are designing a system for research and education that will keep us apace with the twenty-first century reach scientific advance in an environmentally and ecologically responsible manner to allow for the sustainability of the human population. We provide these programs for practicing professionals seeking to advance their educational qualifications. We will foster among our students a demand for ethical behavior, an appreciation for diversity, an understanding of scientific investigation, knowledge of design innovation, a critical appreciation for the importance of technology and technological change for the advancement of humanity. The School of Science and Engineering brings a new age for distance learning closer to home for many busy professionals worldwide. (Other available programs)

Bachelors Program
Masters Program
Doctorate Program

Areas of Study
Actuarial Science      
Animal Science          
Biomass and Biofuels            
Crops and Soils         
Developing Mobile Applications         
Solar Energy
Graphic Design          
Health Informatics 
Mathematics Didactics         
Multimedia Design and Digital Art      
Science in Geophysics   
Science in Sport      
Science in Sustainable Materials     
Science in the Atmosphere   
Wind Energy
Agronomic Engineering  
Degree Robotics          
Cybersecurity and Hacking         
Biosystems Engineering        
Technology in Anesthesiology    
Biomedical engineering         
Environmental Toxicology                   
Forensic Consulting           
Doctoral Biomass and Biofuels      
Engineering in Metallurgy                              
 Undergraduate Farms           
Kinesiology and Physiotherapy         
Synthetic Biology                                     
Systems and Databases           
Media Education
(Biology Teaching)
Sustainable Design and
Technology in Network Interconnection        
Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development                                     
Engineering in Oil, Gas and Energy                                       

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