Benoit Beeckmans

Degree : Doctorate
Major : Enviromental Science
Country : Tanzania, United Republic of
Language : English
Graduation : 4/29/2016

Special Achievements

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Experience Letter

First time start at the university, I faced a challenge on exploring myself as there is a long list of questions to be answered. Lots of them are issues I have never realized before. This has been really an opportunity to explore the real me. Moreover, the selected books for reading have assisted expanding the knowledge and vision to the present world. It is a great experience one should not miss. However, some of the readings need lots of re-reading as I have to think back of my own environment. Second phase of the study is the in-depth study of the subject I have designed by myself. It was strange at first to design the curriculum by myself instead of the University does the job. Once I have completed my own curriculum, I highly satisfied as all the subjects contained in it are what I really would want to study. This is great! I study what I want to know, not what others want me to know.

Professional Experience

He published, for the Geological Survey of Belgium, a paper about the younger layers and its resulting topography of part of the Belgian North. (“Bijdrage tot de Kennis der Kwartaire Afzettingen op de topzone van de Boomse Cuesta” B.Beeckmans en C.Verbruggen- Aardkundige Dienst van België, Professional Paper 1974, nr 4) As far as Environmental Sciences are concerned, he majored as a specialist in water management and conservation. In a professional paper he was one of the first to “Digitalize”, in the mid-seventies, a river catchment in Belgium. In those days computers where huge and very slow instruments, and it took an exceptional programmer to digitalize what Mr. Beeckmans wanted to create. The results can be read in a paper called “De hydrologische karakteristieken van een stroomgebied verwerkt met de computer” A.Van der Beken, B.Beeckmans, M.Meersseman, Natuurwetenschappelijk Tijdschrift, nr.58, 1976)

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