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  Latest Testimonials as @ Tuesday, May 03, 2016
Testimonials at AIU for Tuesday, May 03, 2016   
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Ekhator Osafanmwen Albert, Bachelor of Psychology - July-08-09


“My experience at AIU”



Actually education cannot wasted because it emphasis to global income is untraceable to societal improvement. The enormous joy of my life is to see myself engaging, physically and mentally on education. The stroke that opened my understanding on continua learning can be traced to my Father in the Lord “Bishop David O. Oyedepo” on his lamentation of illiteracy is a disease that lack cure except one have to engage in researches.


I fell deep into studying continuously. A time without number, searching for institution that would suit my case. Thereafter, I got into internet, with the light that came; I begin to search, not knowing that God had prepared a way for me whereby I should tread on. Until one day, I got Atlantic International University (AIU). I enrolled for Bachelor degree with major in psychology. I was rarely impressed with her method of learning without stress, and the enlightenment from the students counselor, I understood that AIU methodology is very encouraging for more light to education. AIU make me to understand that “education is a choice, we have do it or we leave it”. Her impute to the glob cannot over emphasis, her transformation to western society. I would not be doubt that, now tills five years time; AIU would be among the top 100 universities in the world.


I will also consolidate AIU staff centre all over the glob, to be tactful in implementations of tools. The lecturers are more eloquent, they always there to influence their knowledge to the students who are willing to learn. Let AIU have a satellite campus in Western Europe so that more African can be more privilege to acquire more through the closure of her students.


AIU also offers scholarships, when one is due for it, is abound to be granted by AIU academic department. I am a living witness; I was granted scholarship based on the AIU Act that governs students from third world countries, especially African nation. So, with the aid of the above analysis.


The nature of studies in AIU could be classified as the best way to acquire more educational light with emphasis on distance learning. AIU distance learning has enormously increased my ego on human infrastructural development. My actual experience in AIU is so interesting, with all manners of input to get all researches intact. AIU so vast in infrastructure examples on like library, which was my main source of research partner. Let AIU confer on me one of the most challenge students, which never allowed the economic nature of the society affected his education. I enormously gain knowledge through AIU, but all glory is longs to my GOD who gave me the zeal, utterance, wisdom and knowledge to affect (positively) the reason why I had been on this earth.


Moreover let AIU pardon me these entire long sentence, it is how I felt. Education is incomplete without a global impartation of the practitioner, yes, is true because it cannot regards as a literature without enormous contribution to the global societies. There are great psychologist and philosophers and their policy is still accredited to this global acceleration of technology. I regard education as a tool of national development, why? Because African hardship can, be trace to poor urban accreditation of 21st university amenity for learning, poor learning facilities, which cannot affect national development positively.


AIU student service was very friendly with me. I remember a day when my impression was total down; I was brutes in my heart. After listening to instructions from the student service, I became as lecturer as well. I would like every one of us to understand this carefully, in life we are bound to face diverse of tribulation, in education and especially finance, but the ultimate influence to overcome all is patience and consistencies in studying, which could be called perseverance, tolerance and the desire to learn. My heart is deep lapping for joy.


However, AIU had transformed my life academically. I just started November 2008, within seven months I am already done with my programmed. I like to use this medium to speak on behalf of my fellow students that AIU is worth world modern education criteria’s.


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